nice Accurate. Well then America, you'll be having your own Hunger Games. - 9GAG by

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Cowboy Caviar is THE BEST! Even if you make the most gigantic bowl ever at your next party, you won't have leftovers. My family is OBSESSED.

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2015 was the year of disappointment: when you close your background apps and accidentally close the music app


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oh god this reminds me of a super sad fanfiction . here's the address. go cry.

15 Second Kissing Challenge love love quotes relationships couples marriage in…

Jeff the Killer and Normal Jeff, Two different worlds once the same person that Jeff is gone now, they pushed him past the limit and now is finding his own ending to this horror of life

Frozen Fruit for Wine Chillers | House Beautiful AND Other amazing PARTY HACKS!

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As <i>Peep Show</i> comes to an end, let's remember that the man behind Mark Corrigan is equally awkward, cynical, and self-deprecating. Just like you.


Quietly watching the ripples when suddenly...

That explains this hairstyle! Never understood it!