OSU's Confederate Legacy: Should Arnold Dining Hall Be Renamed ...

https://flic.kr/p/chHK8s | n301_w1150 | The human side of animals,. New York,Frederick A. Stokes Company[c1918]. <a href="http://biodiversitylibrary.org/page/39635387" rel="nofollow">biodiversitylibrary.org/page/39635387</a>

vintage christmas advertising 37


Benjamin Hodges, a black Mexican cowboy who made his living as a con artist in Dodge City.

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Vintage Perfume Ad: Babe, 1977. Margo Hemingway, Ernest's granddaughter

Rare Large 16thC late Medieval Tudor London green glazed pottery Beer jug


Tiny Size Chicklets -. 1968. It's the only gum I really liked. My dad use to tell me that it wasn't "real" gum.

Ultimate Northwest - Olympic Peninsula , Oregon Coast, The Redwood Coast, Mt Shasta, Crater Lake, Portland, Mt Rainer & Seattle...

WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts — “The Center of the Universe” in Tulsa - WTF fun...

1912 Evening dress all in green silk tunic with embroidered beaded overlay. Abiti Antichi- Abito 174.

Battle for Sicily 0.500 for M&B 0.808 now available, probably will have bugs

Gorgeous cover for Delta's '56 annual report cleverly communicates the anticipated transition to jets (from DC-7's to Boeing 707's).


The Ankh was an ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life and immortality. The word ankh also means "mirror" in the ancient Egyptian language, as in a mirror to the soul. At the top of the ankh shown, there wings of Isis and a solar disk w/cobras. 2 Cobras, representing the goddess of Lower Egypt, are across the bar. At the bottom, King Ankhnaton.