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I fell for flowers this summer & it's a new thing for me to enjoy. the effort and care-taking became worth it after seeing my first peony bloom. these wild flowers are ones I picked for a precious friend. I love the language flowers can speak and the happiness they carry.

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10 Kalpanakal | [25-Nov-2016] | Language: Malayalam | Genres: #Thriller | Lead Actors: Anoop Menon, Meera Jasmine, Prashant Narayanan | Director(s): Don Max | Producer(s): Jiji Anchani, Manu Padmanabhan Nair, Biju Thoranathel, Jacob Koeypurath, Antony P. Thekkek, Mesfin Zacharis | Music: Mithun Eshwar | Cinematography: Kishore Mani | #cinerelease #infotainment #cineresearch #cineoceans #10Kalpanakal

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