Talk about architecture becoming a work of art. I've loved this house by F.L.W. since the day I visited it as a young girl!

just love the low form factor grass in the foreground, not a mondo grass, but some form of low ground cover, looks great. adds a manicured, luxury style

DIY Blanket Ladder for less than $5 in lumber!!!! Great step by step tutorial so you can make your own!

Domestically Speaking

psst 5 hidden storage tactics that no one ever saw coming, cleaning tips, shelving ideas, storage ideas


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reyes ríos + Larraín arquitectos constrói Casa itzimná no México ... - uma imagem de imagens agrupadas - Pin Them All

Online Cob House Building Lessons:

English Country House - The Cotswolds, England

Glamorous walk in closet features a white metallic cowhide rug placed on dark stained wood floors beneath a light gray island illuminated by a white beaded chandelier.