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Dark Hedges in Ireland. This place looks so other worldly that it was actually a filming location for Game of Thrones.

Dark Hedges, Ireland - A fantasy-like avenue of beech trees, the Dark Hedges was planted in the century by the Stuart family to impress visitors upon the entrance of their home. The road is known to be haunted by the Grey Lady, who appears at dusk.

10 Reasons You Should Move to Ireland.

The incredible outdoor lifestyle, friendly people, the fascinating culture and history, what’s not to love about Ireland? Discover 10 reasons why you should be planning your move to Ireland right now.

You know, Alternia should have some place like that. Like underwater city with train. It is like in Way to the fantazy (Miazaki) - that was way the beatifulest thing I can imagine. The train. In water. My idea of beauty is train in water, deal with it