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maria castelo
maria castelo

maria castelo

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Create faceted papercraft-objects

Create faceted papercraft-objects - Español

We love the way this style keeps hair up and away during tough workouts. Here’s how to get the look: 1. Starting at the crown, begin French braiding along the hairline. 2. Switch to a regular braid at nape of the neck. 3. Flip up the end of the braid, loop into a bun. 4. Secure with hairpins, go! Product only available in the USA. While you're braiding, click through to complete the look!

Cat/Dog (Tattoologist)

wow if i were to get a tattoo this would be it (tom & edd) the light of my life

How To: Crochet - For Beginners

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How to convert a bra for a low backed dress i may need this one day