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a group of men riding on the back of a boat in rough water with paddles
Canadian Voyageurs on the job. By illustration artist, John Mantha
an old black and white drawing of people in a room
In 1534, Jacques Cartier set sail under a commission from King Francis I of France, hoping to discover a western passage to the wealthy markets of Asia. In the words of the king's commission, he was "to discover certain islands and lands where it is said that a great quantity of gold and other precious things are to be found". Starting on May 10 of that year, he explored parts of Newfoundland, the areas now known as the Canadian Atlantic provinces and the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
a screen shot of a map with different colors
The Canadian Atlas Online – Fur Trade - Historical Atlas of Canada
The Canadian Atlas Online – Fur Trade (1720-1780) - Historical Atlas of Canada
a painting of a man walking with two dogs on a snowy field in front of him
This site is an amazing resource for learning about the Fur Trade in Canada
a close up of a person with curly hair and a starbucks sign in the background
Serena Williams, the french lesson at Roland Garros
Serena Williams Speaks French!
black and white photograph of people in a boat
The History of the Canoe at
Canadian Icons - History of the Canoe in Canada
the flag of france with an emblem on it's front and back side,
Acadian Genealogy Homepage; Acadian and French-Canadian Specialty Crests/Shields
Proud to be Acadian Acadian Genealogy Homepage; Acadian and French-Canadian Specialty Crests/Shields
an assortment of old wooden barrels and buckets
Fur trade cargo. MUS OF FUR TRADE
a group of people riding in a boat on a foggy day
Epoch Multimedia
The Canadian Fur Trade -- HBCo 'Montreal Canoe'
an old coin with the head of a man in profile
Coin Value: Token ~ Jeton: US North West Company 1820
North West Company (Canada) out of Montreal. Token 1820 | north company west token northwest beaver commerce canada leaf head type tokens toke western ouest usa ...
three men in hats and coats are sitting at a bench, one is holding a hat
The Canadian Encyclopedia
Canadian voyageurs of the North West Company (etching by Captain Basil Hall, courtesy Library and Archives Canada/C9461).
a man is sitting in a canoe on the water
Birch Bark Canoe
18 foot Fur-Trade style birch bark canoe with typical painted decoration and fancy root sewng on bows . This type of bark canoe was built from the 1600s to the early 1900s by both Indian and French craftsmen for Canadian government and military purposes ,as well as for the fur-trade
an old illustration of men in native american clothing talking to one another and a dog laying on the ground
The First Nations contributed to the fur trade by giving the Europeans pemmican they were also the guides for them and repairing canoes driving the canoes for the traders and hunted animals for the Europeans. The natives were also trappers and middle men in the trade. Fur trade began in 1670 when the HBC was formed and lasted till the 19th century. The fur trade took place in Rupert's land and the Northwest. The fur trade took away the land animals the way how Aboriginal people lived in Canada.