This is actually Rioveggio in Italy but it might as well be England and since I know that theres a number of you having beautiful, lazy Autumn days off today heres a lovely place for you to picture yourself right now. (by chiara lana)

121Clicks :: Marcin Sobas from Silesia, Poland - Landscape Photographer Portfolio

Polish landscape photographer Marcin Sobas has a visual appeal to his portfolio that is instantly recognizable. His ability to create beautiful, soft transitions of light and shadow across the unique terrain of Tuscany is outstanding

© James Pictures | Winnats Pass

© James Pictures | Winnats Pass

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A Cold Evening by mist landscape fog lake sunset winter reflection nature clouds view nikon snow panorama germany moun

North Yorkshire England rock river view field autumn wallpaper | 1920x1080 | 163245 | WallpaperUP

'Searchlight sun picks out Kilnsey Crag. From The Dales Way' is how the photographer captioned this image taken in Conistone

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