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Carole Pluckrose

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A short but powerful comic strip about how to deal with people’s envy

A short but powerful comic strip about how to deal with people’s envy

Good Morning!Another day ..... another dollar? So what does that actually mean? Well according to Wiktionary the definition is ...An expression recognising a balance in life, normalcy, and routinenessMmmm? So I wonder why that's my opening thought this morning on the Terrace Cafe - gone the melanc

So here I am on the patio at 2am - that's a departure! Back from my short virtual break in St Vincent in the Carribean. It was hot - well it was helpful to my imagination that it was hot here too in Barking! Me on July 7th at my Jasmine Street lunchIs it late yesterday or early today - not sure real

Fundraising Page gone live to bring ARKA Teatr to Barking this summer