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5 Tips For An Amazing Garden – DIY Home Sweet Home

Gardening season is upon us. Grow an amazing garden that will make your friends jealous this year with these brilliant gardening hacks. Save Make your own week killer with vinegar, Dawn soap, and salt. (via - Consider Me Inspired) Grind up egg shells and sprinkle them in the garden for an extra calcium boost. (via - Graceful Little Honey Bee) Use cardboard inside your raised bed to keep weeks from growing in your garden. (via - I Save Ato Z) Cut the bottom out of a cheap pot and use it to…

Indoor Plants that Clean the Air and Remove Toxins - Health Extremist

List of indoor plants that clean the air and remove toxins. Here are 6 indoor plants that clean the air in your home and help remove harmful toxins

Can You Reuse Tea Bags In The Garden #3 Brilliant!

Can you reuse tea bags? YES! We share 7 ways in the garden: in compost, potted plants, lawn repair, fertilizer, acid loving plants, root maggots

30 Adorable Black Garden Ideas For Amazing Garden Inspiration

Yes, They’re Real: 6 Stunning House Plants That Are Actually Pink

These plants are very colorful, and very cool.

Plants That Grow Really Well in Darker Bedrooms | DoItYourself.com

Have a nice, cozy bedroom? Many beautiful, interesting plants can be grown indoors, even in relatively low light.

Repotting Snake Plants: When Why And How To Repot Snake Plant

n this article we address how to repot snake plant that are in a small pot, When would I know how to do repotting and why it is necessary.

8 Reasons why plants love cinnamon (These really work!)

8 ways to use for cinnamon in the garden and on house plants. From rooting hormone to gnat removal, cinnamon can be your gardens best friend!

Wandering Jew Plant: Care, Types, and Growing Tips | Epic Gardening

The wandering jew plant is not a single plant — it refers to 3 different types of houseplants! Learn how to grow them in this in-depth care guide.

DIY Potting Soil: 6 Homemade Potting Mix Recipes for the Garden

Save money by blending your own homemade DIY potting soil mixes. These 6 recipes from a horticulturist are formulated for plants from vegetables to cacti.

These Plants Are Oxygen Bombs And They Can Clean The Air At Your Home

We are at an increased risk of various allergies and illnesses due to air pollution in our homes. The most common contaminants of our homes include carpets, pain, foam insulation materials, glues and adhesives, household cleaners, and pressed-wood products. According to Eartheasy: “The indoor pollutants that affect health are formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds (benzene and trichloroethylene or […]

11 Best Low Light Indoor Plants for Your Home

11 of the best low light indoor plants for your home. These houseplants are excellent for your living room, bathroom or any room that is fairly dark.

Wandering Jew Plant Care Guide (How To Grow & Care For Your Plant)

Growing wandering jews is easy. Learn all you need to know about water, sun, soil, flowers, fertilizer, and more in this wandering jew plant care guide.

Do Not Kill This Weed! It's One Of The Best Healing Herbs On The Planet (& It's Probably Growing Near You Right Now!)

The plantains used as medicinal herbs are low-growing plants that you can find growing almost anywhere. In some circles plantain is regarded as a weed, but it's actually one of the best healing herbs on

Growing Zucchinis From Seeds Video - The WHOot

Growing Zucchinis From Seeds is easy when you know how. Our post has all the details plus an excellent video tutorial to show you how.

Why Is My Snake Plant Drooping? (Causes and Solutions) - Smart Garden Guide

6 causes of snake plant drooping and how to fix them. Learn how to identify and fix the most common reasons for snake plant leaves drooping.