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pine cones and candles are arranged on a tray
3-Minute DIY Snow Covered Pine Cones & Branches {3 Ways!}
two white candles are sitting in a pine cone centerpiece with greenery and pine cones
ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Booth - December 2011 Grayslake Flea- Illinois
pine cones and oranges are arranged around a lit candle on a glass table with wicker chairs in the background
Try These DIY Centerpieces for the Craftiest (and Cutest) Fall Table Ever
the window is decorated with white stars and string lights
#Uocontest #Uooncampus
a window sill filled with potted plants next to a window covered in white curtains
Kilka dekoracji świątecznych... post odrobinę zeszłoroczny :)
Festive ornaments & garland hanging in front of your windows!
the window is decorated with ornaments and hanging from it's rodulage curtain
Easy, inexpensive addition to my bare kitchen window for Christmas!
a window with some cut out houses on it
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a vase filled with pine cones on top of a table
La Piña de los Pinos...
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a christmas tree with ornaments and candles in front of a window, next to a glass vase
Kerzenhalter online kaufen im Wohnen-Shop
Christmas tree out of branches and ornaments. Add illumination by wrapping with mini lights!