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the hand is pointing at something in front of it, and there are instructions for how to draw an origami character
how to draw gesture drawings for beginners with instructions on how to draw the body
1 quick tip to IMMEDIATELY improve your art! | vickisigh
1 quick tip to IMMEDIATELY improve your art! | Vicki Tsai on Patreon
a man standing next to a skeleton holding a microphone
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Tumblr. Puro enriquecimento efervescente. A energia da velha Internet. A casa dos reblogues. Toda a arte que não sabias que precisavas. Todos os fandoms que poderias desejar. Memes suficientes para mandar abaixo um mamífero de tamanho médio. Contribui ou simplesmente explora e absorve.
a poster with an image of people in suits
Shrek summons papa emeritus IV Made by some guy named samuel i cant tag them lol
a man dressed in black and white walking past a sign that says, there is only 1 genderer it's nerf or nothing
Terzo (Papa III)
a man wearing a white face paint and a hat with words papa three - hee on it
Papa three-hee
a man standing on top of a stage with the words waiting dramatically
Ghost band memes
a man with blue hair and a skeleton face on his head is standing in front of a laptop
What chu’ say?
a man in a suit and tie on stage with words underneath him that says umm i shd mysels
Oh my ghoul
a man with a creepy face and hair in front of a blue background that says, me waiting for my parents to stop fighting to tell them i put a fork in the outlet and got super powers
Hehe outlet go boom
the man is dancing on stage with his hands in the air
a person wearing a black mask and holding a flower
Cirrus ghoulette
a man wearing a mask and holding a microphone
a man wearing a mask and leather outfit with text that reads he has 97 mental witnesses and is banned from most public spaces
He has autism
a man in a skeleton mask singing into a microphone with the caption you were born out of your dad
Copia speaking facts
a man with his face painted to look like it is wearing a clown's mask
papa iv poster…
pic taken by me
a skeleton wearing a crown with a sign above it that says, one more silks and i'll sksk - skin you
He’s a pretty princess
Cool Bands
a man in black shirt holding a microphone
Papa Emeritus IV
Ghost Sightings, Fandoms
two men in white shirts and ties with masks on their faces, one holding a card
Music Stuff, Musique
a collage of photos with text that reads, other people omg i had a dream that i kissed my crush my dreams