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an image of the crucifix being hugged by a man with his arms around him
O sofrimento de Maria na morte de Jesus - Todo de Maria
O sofrimento de Maria na morte de Jesus
a painting of jesus holding a glowing orb and flowers in his hands with the light shining on him
Fiesta del Corazón Casto de San Giuseppe- 8 de junio-
“¡Oh amado mediador e intercesor San José!, pide por nosotros ante Cristo por toda la eternidad. Amén” “Venerable y Castísimo Corazón de San José,
an old painting of jesus holding a book
Simone Martini:Saint Andrew c1326-16x12"(A3) Poster
A3 Poster Reproduction of Classic Image,Overall Dimensions of this Poster are 420x297mm (16.5x11.7 inches),Fast Worldwide Shipping Simone Martini:Saint Andrew c1326-16x12"(A3) Poster
a mannequin in a shop window with white vases on the table and people walking by
Saul Leiter, l'un des pionniers de la photographie couleur
a blurry photo of a woman's face behind a wire basket with grass in it
Saul Leiter's Photography: Content To Colour
a statue of jesus surrounded by birds on a black background
Anna Koh Varilla
This polychromed high bas- relief sculpture was inspired by the Creed. Christ is portrayed receiving the first breadt
two white marble angels holding hands with one looking at the other's head, both facing each other
Italian Bas-Relief Terracotta Plaque of Angel and Saint by Manifattura di Signa
Italian Bas-relief Terracotta Plaque Of Angel And Saint By Manifattura Di Signa
a bronze plaque with a man's face and words written on it, in the center
Daile - Lithuanian Art Review 2003/1
Lithuanian Art Review 2003/1, Juozas Zikaras, portrait of Jonas Basanavičius
a drawing of a woman's head with curly hair and an oval shaped face
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Angela Cast Paper Sculpture by Frank Gallo