Combo #93 (Elena Bouvier) - hipstography, hipstamatic combos

hipstamatic combos Salvador 84 + D-Type Plate "I had just missed one train home and was confronted with how to spend an hour, cruise social media or .

Combo #3 (Fiona Christian) - hipstography - hipstamatic

hipstamatic, Lens: Libatique 73 Film: Ina's 1982 Flash: off "This combo is great for adding a vintage atmosphere. It tends to be high…" Fiona Christian

Combo #115 (Lee Atwell) - hipstography, hipstamatic combos

hipstamatic combos: Mabel + Pistil + RedEye Gel "It was my yoga teacher’s birthday and while spending time in California to celebrate the occasion.

Combo #28 (Eliano Imperato) - hipstography, hipstamatic

Hipstamatic Guide: Lens: James M Film: Rock "I decided to include 3 indoor shots and 3 outdoor shots to demonstrate how this combo works in these

Combo #152 (Eric Rozen) - hipstography, Hipstamatic Hong Kong

Hipstamatic Combo: Mabel + Robusta "Before going abroad, I always try to select a general theme for my photos and to limit.

Combo #116 (Richard Pelletier) - hipstography, Hipstamatic

Hipstamatic: Melodie + Claunch 72 Monochrome + Standard "An iconoclast combo for those of you looking for cold, sharply contrasted black and white .

Combo #25 (Lil-ja Palavra) - hipstography, hipstamatic

Hipstamatic Guide: Lens: Tejas Film: Ina's 1969 "I like this combo a lot, one of my favourites! I discovered it when I was on holiday in Spain.

Combo #161 (Muriel Allegretty) - hipstography, Hipstamatic Oggl

Hipstamatic Oggl: (ex-GSQUAD) + Robusta Using: Oggl "Since Robusta came out, it has become my favourite Hipstamatic film.

Combo #7 (Laetitia Harnie Coussau) - hipstography, hipstamatic

hipstamatic Lens: Jane Film: BlacKeys SuperGrain Flash: off "I have been very interested in black and white recently.

Combo #165 (Kent Kangley) - hipstography, Alfred Infrared + Medodie

Hipstamatic combo: Melodie + Alfred Infrared: "What I like about the Melodie Lens and Alfred Infrared Film combination are the subtle color aberrations.

Combo #142 (John Delcourt) - hipstography (Huntington Beach)

"Huntington Beach was incorporated in 1909 and is best known for its sandy beach, mild climate, surfing and Southern Californian beach culture.

Combo #92 (Michael Landers) - hipstography, hipstamatic

hipstamatic combo: Matty ALN + D-Type Plate "I love the dirty monochrome that the D-Type Plate film produces, with its peeling blotchy borders.

Combo #74 (Katrin Sonntag) - hipstography, hipstamatic

hipstamatic, Lens: Jane Film: Cano Cafenol Flash: off "The photographs taken by Cano Cafenol using Jane's lens produce very clear images.

Combo #48 (Simone Muresu) - hipstography , hipstamatic

hipstamatic Lens: Hornbecker Film: Rock "Hornbecker is named after photographer Chris Hornbecker and is part of the “NSW Always On Free .

Combo #154 (Elisabetta Caocci) - hipstography (Melodie - Robusta)

Hipstamatic Combo: Melodie + Robusta "The combo 'Melodie/Robusta' gives a vintage 'sixties style' to your photos.

Combo #128 & #129 (Otrebor Onisru) - hipstography, DreamCanvas + Tejas

"Photography in Africa is challenging with Hipstamatic. Unfortunately I believe that all the virtual lenses and flashes,.