Hero chair- Perfect for bars; stackable up to 4 chairs high and suitable for outdoor use. A series of round holes on the whole surface give this "Made in Calligaris" product its distinctive look. A technopolymer monoblock made using the Airmoulding process makes Hero an extremely sturdy, lightweight and easy to clean chair.

chair 07 model by Design Connected

Basil is a funky young chair suitable for patios, gardens as well as bars: the 100% recyclable plastic shell is anatomically shaped for maximum comfort with a midrib running down the middle recalling the basil leaf that gives the chair its name and rests on a 4-leg metal base. This model is also suitable for outdoor use thanks to a special double-layer coating process (polyester on top of a galvanized surface); stackable up to 4 chairs high.

'Basil chair', designed by milan-based for the Italian manufacturer Calligaris, draws its form from the structural morphology of a basil leaf.

Area 51

Area 51 Polypropylene Stackable Chair by Calligaris. It is not labelled the Area 51 polypropylene stackable chair for nothing.