succubus by khanshin. Although I have spent most of my working life in education teaching with a strong emphasis on history, my other love is art, unfortunately I posses no aptitude for art fortunately these artists do! - look, enjoy and learn! Linda ( Educational director of ).

Mmm fuck yes I'd let this succubus ride my bus all the fucking time I don't care if I give into a demon.

Legend Of The Cryptids Art

Legend of the Cryptids characters by Shanghai, China based concept artist GCMM. Legend of the Cryptids is a card-based fighting game developed by Japanese game developing company Applibot. View the website

Legend of the Cryptids - card_demons_marshal_base_revision_by_azazel1944-d5jwu9k.jpg

Think I will get this card game

Making cards for the card game Legend of the Cryptids Card demons marshal BASE revision

Artist: Wang Song aka The 7th Orange - Title: Unknown - Card: Madeleine the Human Watcher

Legend of the Cryptids Artist: Wang Song aka The Orange - Title: Unknown - Card: Madeleine the Human Watcher

lucifer04 by crow-god on deviantART

Artist: Xu Cheng aka crow god - Title: luciferB - Card: Lucifer the Traitor (Morning Star)