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Carol Wenberg
Worksheets: Bug Identification

Bug and Spider Identification | Worksheet |

Learn about a few common insects and arachnids as you color them in!

Air Masses and Fronts: online meteorology guide

Air Masses and Fronts: online meteorology guide

(WW2010) - Introduces polar and tropical air masses, the most common types of fronts plus a detailed description about advection.

Worksheets: Cumulus Clouds

Cumulus Clouds | Worksheet |

This science page presents the cumulus cloud, the puffiest, fluffiest kind of cloud that's made for playing outdoors under.

Colorful Convection Currents | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

Colorful Convection Currents | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

Check out the Colorful Convection Currents experiment from Steve Spangler Science! Click to learn more and browse other experiments, projects, & hands-on fun!

Worksheets: Cirrus Cloud

Cirrus Cloud | Worksheet |

Studying earth science? Learn about the different types of clouds with the series of cloud types.

Overviews & Introduction Lessons (Weather Unit) - Free Science Lesson Plans, Activities, Powerpoints, Interactive Games

Lesson Plans - All Grades, All Subjects, plus Games & Activities

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Worksheets: Stratus Clouds

Stratus Clouds | Worksheet |

Meet the stratus cloud, a low-hanging kind of cloud that usually comes out when it rains, in this earth science worksheet.

Air Pressure Lab - This activity gives students hands-on experience with differences in air pressure.

Lab 5: All About Air Pressure

The lab activity described here was created by John McDaris of SERC for the EarthLabs project. Summary and Learning Objectives Students select a storm from the HURDAT database and create its track in the ...

Weather and Climate Unit

Weather and Climate Unit

Note: This entire unit can be utilized for meaningful and user friendly distance learning. PowerPoint slideshows and work bundles can be divided into small manageable daily lessons and uploaded to google classroom. Students follow the detailed and fun slideshow, visit video and academic links, explo...

convection currents

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