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DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden | Home Remedies

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden - Stop by and check out this month's Home Depot Monthly Gift Challenge and learn how to make your own mason jar herb garden!

20 creative decorating craft ideas for the garden -DIY candle lanterns

Mason Jar Lanterns Hanging Tea Light by TheCountryBarrel on Etsy - easy DIY! Small chain link, mason jars, decorative nonflammable filler and candles! Tap a hole with a nail for the chain to attach to the jar lid. And done!

Tin can lantern   ....   OOOH!! I have to pack it with something. lol No wonder mine kept collapsing.

Technique pour percer les boîtes de conserve / / / DIY Tin Can Lanterns ~~ Recycle tin cans into beautiful lanterns for just about any holiday or occasion!

Tragus Piercing | InkDoneRight Tragus Piercing A tragus piercing is a very subtle form of body modification. Most tragus earrings are low-key and small, although there are a few designs out there meant to dazzle. People who see it might even dismiss it as a common earlobe piercing…

Conch piercings, snug piercings, helix piercings and many more are ear piercings styles that you have probably never heard of, but you can now!