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Weather icons!
I love traveling!  I decided to create a spread for my travel planning map, where I write all the places I've been and all the places I'd like to visit. Eventually, I would like to put red dots on the map indicating  the places I've traveled to. Hopefully my map will have lots of red dots!!!  In order to get some inspiration for more exciting destinations to add to the list, I thought of asking you where are you from???? I'll start by saying that I'm from Greece, currently living in Cyprus.
12 doodles how to for Bullet Journals - Press Print Party!
2016/2/10 some new frame ideas for my bullet journal
bullet-journal | Tumblr
studypetals: 4.5.16+6:08pm // 29/100 days of productivity // getting through my paper! took a break to make a reference page for header banners. i like to put these across the top of my pages to make certain ones stand out or just to make them cooler. you can also put them under titles and stuff!
Bullet Journal Box Ideas
studypetals: 3.10.16+3:00pm // 13/100 days of productivity // made a doodling reference page for those who want to add some depth to their journals/notes! some of these are wacky but i hope you enjoy!
I think I like this weekly spread better than a vertical one.