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So true XD

So true XD

Yaoi lover's mind is often overactive in every day situations...

Yaoi lover's mind is often overactive in every day situations. also allthough im a guy this is still extremly true very

They don't even have to be gay =D. The moment you realize your a Yaoi fan is when you start shipping your real guy friends.

The perfect timeline of my life. I'm so busy shipping slash I can't read things with straight couples without finding it weird.

GoBoiano - An Ode to Fujoshis

I watched free, Haikyuu, hamatora, orenchi no fuuro jijo, kuroshitsuji book of circus(though it was nothing like the manga) and a little love stage :-)

*sees the world in a different light* i mean, yeah, i dont have ships, i have armadas, but i never-i-i'm not- even though i ship like mad-i- EVERYTHING LOOKS SO DIFFERENT NOW

muuuuuuy cierto, toda relaciĆ³n entre hombre puede ser yaoi XD ok no, que miedo<==I don't know what he/she are saying, but I totally agreed with that statement XD