Wielkanoc 2016

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a candle is lit in the middle of a wreath hanging on a window sill
Allt i hemmets julspecial!!!
candle wreath
some gold eggs with white flowers in them
Goldene Ostern {Creadienstag/Upcycling} - kayhuderfjaeril
three white and pink decorated eggs sitting on top of each other in paper cups with flowers painted on them
Tissue-Paper-Decorated Eggs
Tissue-Paper-Decorated Eggs
three brown and blue striped eggs in a nest
DIY: Creative Washi Tape Easter Decorations
WABI SABI Scandinavia - Design, Art and DIY.: DIY: Creative Washi Tape Easter Decorations
several rolls of washi tape are in a carton
Défi DIY : une boîte d'oeuf : plusieurs possibilités - Sunshine of mine
Egg carton storage, possibilities are endless ! ribbon, masking tape, cupcake carrier, and they can be stored in a drawer... clever !
a white wall with five different colored dots on it's sides and one is in the middle
Easy DIY Easter Eggs with Washi Tape
DIY Washi Tape Easter Eggs
some white and black striped cupcakes with a lit candle in the middle on a table
Munaküünlad | teip Marlen Karema's Easter eggs decorated with masking tape!
two pieces of art made out of legos on a white surface with orange and black circles
Easter eggs hama beads by kreadeluxe
six perler beads with different designs and colors on the top one is made out of plastic
Spielwaren-Kröll * Spiel | Freizeit | Kreativ | Trends
Easter eggs hama perler beads
two yellow and white cross stitched brooches on a white surface, one with an orange nose and the other with black eyes
Easter eggs hama beads by nattergalen_8
two white eggs with pink designs on them sitting on top of a tablecloth covered cloth
Osterdeko: Ostereier mit Stick-Dekor
some white eggs with green sprouts on them
DIY Moss Design Eggs
DIY: moss design Easter eggs