Mumbai visit

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three trays filled with food sitting on top of a metal counter next to bread
Pav Bhaji snapchat pics
Mumbai (Marine Drive)
a white jeep parked in front of a parking lot at dusk with the sun setting
g-wagon x sunset
cars are parked in front of an apartment building with palm trees on the side walk
mumbai city
people are walking along the water at night with bright lights in the sky above them
📍 marine drive, mumbai
people are walking on the sidewalk in front of some tall buildings at night with bright lights
📍Marine Lines
a tall building sitting in the middle of a city at night with cars parked below it
Hotel Trident Marine Drive
the city lights shine brightly in the dark sky above some rocks and water at night
Mumbai meri jaan 😘
a red bus driving down a street next to a black car and traffic lights at night
📍marine drive, mumbai
Vintage Mumbai Streets
Mumbai Streets
an old building on the corner of a street with cars parked in front of it
an old building with two towers and a clock on the front is surrounded by greenery
📍 Colaba