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I probably got a little closer to this group of Highland cattles than was sensible. Apparently they are quite protective about their young calves! However I was so taken with the moment, I banished all thoughts of safety and knelt down as the group approached me - they seemed benign but I may be more wary next time! Marske, Yorkshire Dales, England
Close up portrait of Scottish Highland cattle on a farm Photographic Print by Mark Gemmell at AllPosters.com

Antlers & Horns

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arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I WANT TO CUDDLE IT!😢😭😊
White Whale
OMG I ACTUALLY HEARD THE EXACT SAME THING THIS EXACT DAYY  Wow, did anyone else know this? So amazing!

Hybrids & mutations

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15Polar Bear
#Spirit #Bears- #WTF #fun #fact
A Panda tree...you need to grow one of these....


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cheetah cub - full steam ahead

Big Cats

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<3 (@emi_lie_axolotl) | Instagram photos and videos
17 Best images about Axolotl on Pinterest Mudkip Lakes


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Blackwork anemones and bluetitwww.lesleyteare.com/shop/blackwork — Blog — Lesley Teare
The Visual Vamp — Winged


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Cute Sea Animals Coloring Pages; Cute Animals Status Video
Like these markings. #catsandkittens


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Bowhead whale


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I just can't even handle this little guy Pino, he's breaking my heart from cuteness  from: @pinopdizzle
Cutest pup
One of my greatest weaknesses, a freckle nose Harlequin Great Dane puppy... askideas.com


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I want one! He is too cute!


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DS polywhite SH - I have a boy just like this one!
"How does it go? ~ She loves me, She loves me not? ~ Can I leave out the loves me not?"


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Tigerlily's Animal Planet


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This Is What a Baby Raven Looks Like, so you know exactly why I love the ravens so much. Look at his clever little face,  staring deeply into your soul...
Raven. The Remington Vampires' Shapeshift Forms so they can face the sunlight without getting burned.


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Giant Jellyfish Caught On Film By Scuba Divers
In August, a rеclusivе ribbon sеal was sееn on thе bеach at Washington Statе’s Long Bеach Pеninsula.  Marinе sciеntists quickly snappеd picturеs of thе sеal bеforе it disappеarеd into thе watеr.  Thе population of ribbon sеals in thе North Pacific Ocеan is about 400,000, so thеy arе not еxactly rarе.

Under the sea

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Paul Nicklen
Happiness is a pack.


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Check out those ears! Better to hear you with.


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Blackwork anemones and bluetitwww.lesleyteare.com/shop/blackwork — Blog — Lesley Teare Cross Stitch Bird, Needlework Embroidery, Modern Cross Stitch, Cross Stitch Designs
Blackwork anemones and bluetitwww.lesleyteare.com/shop/blackwork — Blog — Lesley Teare
Cool Snakes, Colorful Snakes, Les Reptiles
Rare Animals, Animals And Pets, Types Of Snake
Purple Snake, Green Snake, Cute Animals, Snake Scales
Pretty Animals, Wild Animals
shadowstree:  Oh gosh look at...
Purple Animals
Axolotl Pet, Axolotl Tank, Cute Lizard, Exotic Fish
The Visual Vamp — Winged Baby Animals, Beautiful Birds, Beautiful Pictures, Raven Art, Jackdaw
The Visual Vamp — Winged
Hábitat Natural, Underwater Creatures, Unusual Animals
Ocean Creatures, Aquarium Original, Bizarre Animals
Underwater Animals
Reptiles, Salamander, Invertebrates, Kawaii Drawings, Gecko
Balázs Kovács
Balázs Kovács