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a drawing of a person sitting on the ground
L-size (@kiduki_L_size) on X
a digital painting of a person sitting on the ground
Tweet / Twitter
an image of a person's body in different positions and poses, drawn by hand
Anime Characters, Anime Character Design, Yuri, Anime Poses, Character Design References, Character Design Inspiration
Reze as JK (original in comment)
Body Drawing
an image of a person sitting on the ground with their legs crossed and feet apart
a diagram showing how to use the foot position
Учебник. Женское тело и его пропорции/позы – 284 photos
a drawing of a man with his arms stretched out and legs spread wide, in front of
some black and red writing on white paper
How to Draw Fangs for sale
a bunch of different facial expressions drawn by someone's hand in pencil on paper
Facial Expressions I by YuuyuMori on DeviantArt