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an open book with drawings on it and some writing in chinese characters around the pages
Kim Jung Gi 2018_36
two drawings of people and animals in black and white
Kim Jung Gi 2018_156
Croquis, Character Art, Animation, Sketches, Human Art, Drawing Reference, Anatomy Reference, Art Reference
The Art of Kim Jung Gi
a black and white drawing of people falling off the side of a building with their hands in the air
Kim Jung Gi 2018_47
a black and white drawing of some people
nine drawings of people in different poses on a red background
Kim Jung gi
a drawing of a woman with wings on her head
Kim Jung Gi US on Twitter
a drawing of people cooking in a kitchen
Artist of the Day: Kim Jung Gi
a drawing of a woman's profile in black ink on red paper with the words sandro written below it
a drawing of people riding horses on top of a car
The Art of Kim Jung Gi : All Sketchbooks
an ink drawing of some cartoon characters on a piece of paper with food in the background
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