Barman Casanova

Barman Casanova

Barman Casanova
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M134 GE Mini Gun! Oh goodness I'll get knocked on my butt if I try to shoot it but oh well it's happening

It's a freakin mini gun idk why the heck they call it a "mini gun" anti nothin mini about it

GE M134 Minigun <<< repinned by

Minigun when you absolutely positively have to kill every zombie in the room, accept no substitutions. Not to mention they are just fun to shoot and let loose on


Expandable weapons storage and gun racks designed to be versatile and accommodate most types of firearms. Contact us to help design the right package.

Shelby Mustang in Knight Rider "KITT"

KITT& name stands for either Knight Industries Two Thousand (in the original series) or Knight Industries Three Thousand (updated for the new series). KITT is a highly intelligent automobile designed.