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the words are written in black ink on a white paper with an ornate border around it
Kilka stempelków ślubnych.
a poem written in black on a white background
the words are written in different languages
a spider on a twig with a quote about it
a quote from edward schura on the night sky
teksty i podteksty -
a person laying in a hot tub with the words zarocene to koganie za wyglad mllosc
a red heart with white wings on it and a poem written in the bottom right corner
Cytaty i nie tylko -
Best Friends, Dogs, Meme, Fotos, Chat, Panda, Dieren, Picture
two people sitting on a swing with the words milosc? - niewzene
a painting of a girl holding a heart shaped balloon in the sky with flowers and clouds
a heart shaped object sitting on top of a table next to an old fashioned camera
a man holding a woman in his arms with the caption that reads, what cezes
two people holding hands with the caption'do praciez, zeby kogoss trymac za reke, treba najjeew swjoja
Bo przecież, żeby kogoś trzymać za rękę... - WielkieSłowa.pl