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a close up of a chicken fila sandwich on a plate with lettuce
Sous Vide Fried Chicken Chick-Fil-A Style
the process of making raw meats is shown in three different stages, including cutting and prepping
Sous Vide Pork Chops Recipe
A good pork chop is only as good as the method by which you cook it. You want the most foolproof way to guarantee extra-juicy pork chops? Sous vide is the way to go. Here's my complete guide to how it's done.
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Coffee Butter | Sous Vide Recipe | ChefSteps Foods, Cooking, Cooking Recipes, Food And Drink, How To Cook Chili, Food, Foodie, Man Food
Coffee Butter
Coffee Butter | Sous Vide Recipe | ChefSteps
french fries in a glass bowl on a black background with the title sous vide french fries
Sous Vide French Fries Recipe | Food For Net
Sous Vide French Fries Full Recipe on
lemon thyme chicken is cooking in a skillet
Lemon Thyme Chicken, Sous Vide
Simple Sous Vide Lemon Thyme Chicken Breast Recipe - try adding a little culinary lavendar to the bag before you put in the sous vide bath.. it's crazy good!
a person holding a plastic bag filled with food in the middle of their hands, while wearing an apron
Foolproof Sous Vide Eggs Benedict
sous vide Eggs Benedict isn’t just for high-volume restaurants. Make the classic brunch dish at home with this foolproof recipe.
a plate topped with a pear and whipped cream
Sous Vide Poached Pears
Sous Vide Poached Pears | Charlotte Julienne
a pan filled with chicken and mushrooms covered in sauce
Sous Vide Chicken Marsala Recipe
Marsala is one of my favorite Italian dishes to make and using sous vide chicken guarantees fully cooked and tender meat. - Amazing Food Made Easy
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some fried potatoes on a white plate with ketchup
How to Make Roast Potatoes Sous Vide | The Tool Shed
Cooking potatoes sous vide will lock in flavour that is usually lost in boiling and it will achieve more consistent results.
a hamburger with lettuce, tomato and cheese on it being held by someone
Recipes | Sous Vide Burgers
Sous Vide Burgers (ground beef mixed with egg) | Sur La Table
grilled steaks with garlic herb butter on the side and an image of steak being cooked
Garlic Herb Butter Sous Vide Steak Recipe
Sous Vide Steak with Garlic Herb Butter
three tacos with meat, onions and cilantro on a white platter
Sous Vide Carnitas for Tacos (Crispy Mexican-Style Pulled Pork) Recipe
Carnitas are the undisputed king of the taco cart. The Mexican answer to American pulled pork, at their best they're moist, juicy, and ultra porky, with the rich, tender texture of a French confit, and riddled with plenty of well-browned, crisp edges. At home, I've been making them for years using my oven-based recipe, and, while it's a fantastic and easy method, I'd venture to say it's even easier using a sous vide cooke...
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three pieces of meat on a white plate with a fork and parsley next to it
Herb-Rubbed Sous Vide Pork Chops
Sous Vide Herb Rubbed Pork Chops (via @ameecooks)
a chicken wrapped in plastic with carrots and rosemary
Whole happy chicken sous vide. 144F 4 hours. The chicken will be cooking in a brine thats 1.5% salt and 1% brown sugar.Added a few herbs and orange rounds. I will be making flash fried chicken this weekend.One of the cool things about using a low salinity solution is that you can use the bag juices and make stock thats just salty enough. Equilibrium brining takes longer but its great. Once the chicken is cooked it will be ready only after about 24 hours. Thats when the equilibrium is reached...