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Austro-Hungarian Army - Ranks by Collar Insignia. ENLISTED RANKS Row_1 Private 1st Class; Corporal; Sergeant; and Master-Sergeant. Row_2 Sergeant Major; Warrant Officer; Ensign; and Mountain Corps Edelweiss flower pattern. OFFICERS Row_3 Lieutenant; First Lieutenant; Captain; and Captain... Row_4 Major; Lieutenant-Colonel; Colonel; and Brigadier General. Row_5 Field Marshall Lieutenant; General of Infantry; Colonel General; and coloured collar insignia.

The AH Empire produced some magnificent uniforms. The two below are a Hungarian senior NCO (Feldwebel) and a Bosnian infantryman. In parade uniform around the t

Paul Delvaux (1897-1994) - The Mirror

Mirror, 1939 - Paul Delvaux was a Belgian painter associated with Surrealism, famous for his paintings of female nudes.