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the free scrapbook printables are great for kids and adults to use on their crafts
Scrapbbok Printables
Get your scrapbook printables and learn what to do with them. Use these scrapbook printable pages to create an easy mini album for your photos #scrapbooking #printable #scrapbookpapers #minialbum #einatkessler
an album cover with the words one sheet wonder album written in orange and pink on it
One Sheet Wonder Album
Learn how to make a one sheet wonder album. This easy mini scrapbook is quick to make and you can make a few and join them into a full mini album. Get all 4 one page wonder album templates today #scrapbooking #minialbum $einatkessler #papercrafts
paper flowers for scrapbook pages with text overlay that reads, paper flowers for scrapbook pages
Paper Flowers for Scrapbook Pages
I found some easy paper flowers for scrapbook pages. I watched the video tutorial on how to make these easy DIY paper flower embellishments and now I make them for my cards, scrapbook pages and albums #DIYflowers #paperflowers #papercrafts #craftsupplies #einatkessler #paperembellishments
there are many small album covers stacked on top of each other with the words, mini album hacks you don't want to miss
Mini Album Hacks You Don't Want to Miss
Check out the mini album hacks you don't want to miss. Discover the best 5 tricks to make mini scrapbooks and albums that will have a wow effect #scrapbooking #minialbum #DIYalbum #scrapbookpage #einatkessler
someone is holding an open box with the text never ending explosion box on it and there are
Neverending Explosion Box Template
Watch the video to make an infinity box album. Get the neverending explosion box template to make your own unique and one of a kind infinity explosion box #DIYbox #paperbox #minialbum #scrapbooking #einatkessler #DIYpapergift
an image of a book with the title tunnel book instructions
Tunnel Book Instructions
Follow these easy tunnel book instructions to learn how to make a tunnel book the right way. An easy paper craft technique tutorial you'll love #papercraft #papertechnique #papergift #crafts #einatkessler
an album with the title how to make amazing mini albums tips you'll love
How to Make Amazing Mini Albums
Learn how to make amazing mini albums with interactive pages. Add moving elements to your scrapbook pages to make them unique, surprising and fun! Follow these easy tips to make your moving album pages #scrapbooking #minialbums #scrapbookpage #einatkessler #DIYalbum
someone is holding up a card with the words diagonal never ending
Diagonal Neverending Card Video
Watch this easy diagonal neverending card video to learn a new infinity card design. Follow the steps to make it and subscribe to get an even better and more amazing endless card tutorial #cards #DIYcard #cardmaking #fancyfoldcard #einatkessler
someone is making scrapbook pages on a table with scissors and other crafting supplies
Make Amazing Scrapbook Pages
Make amazing scrapbook pages with these easy tips. These are the best scrapbooking tips and tricks for your scrapbook albums you'll absolutely love #scrapbooking #scrapbookpage #Scrapbookalbum #einatkessler
several pieces of craft paper stacked on top of each other
homemade envelopes
a piece of paper that has been cut in half
Recycled Envelopes How-To
Stuff You Can't Have: Recycled Envelopes How-To
an origami bird is on top of a sheet of paper with the title 6 pockets from 1 sheet of paper
Fold 6 Pockets from 1 Sheet of Paper
an open notebook with flowers on it and a white cover over the top, sitting on a table
homemade envelopes
Pocket envelopes - Pattern and description of how to make your own.
a hand is holding a folded piece of paper
10 Ways to Make & Use Paper Pockets
Tutorial - library pocket mini