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an empty restaurant with tables and chairs in front of hexagonal wallpapers
MiX on the Beach at W Hotel on Vieques, d
an orange and grey store with white chairs
Mobile Store Design
the lights are hanging from the ceiling above the tables in the restaurant, and they look like hexagonal cubes
the wall is covered with white plates and glasses
the shelves are filled with bottles and liquors in hexagonal shapes, lit up by yellow lights
Hexagon Shelves | Home bar rooms, Cafe interior design, Home bar designs
there are many pairs of shoes on the wall
Marni store Las Vegas by Sybarite | Dezeen
Marni store Las Vegas by Sybarite - Dezeen
the inside of a store with lots of tubes on the wall and shelves full of bottles
Wine Shop, enoteca a Verona » Concept Wine Shop
a neon sign that says everything is connected
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