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“Starter type swap”


“ay I finished the com for @Shawaterasu - I have not much to say but I had fun doing this-”


Happy Noivern by ToxicCloudz on DeviantArt

I really love my Noivern. --- Made in SAI + CS5 Made w/ Wacom CintiQ 13HD Noivern © Nintendo + Pokemon Art © =ToxicCloudz Happy Noivern

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“Trumpet noises, etc 🎺”

Anyone want some fire doggo? | Pokémon

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(X+Y) Yveltal's slight New Look by SoftKeychains on DeviantArt

As I've stated today earlier, Yveltal and Xerneas, two of the three major protagonists of the upcoming legendaries-focused webcomic series, were undergo... (X+Y) Yveltal's slight New Look

Take your mask off, and be free!: Photo

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Noivern by Acidiic on DeviantArt

I'm really digging this new pokemon design ;D I imagine it'll be a dragon type, so I'm surrounding it in a dragon's favorite possession; Jewels~ I feel ... Noivern