Donald Borkowski-Blaszczyk

Donald Borkowski-Blaszczyk

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Donald Borkowski-Blaszczyk
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An amazing, distinctive, vegan soup from Veracruz Mexico.

Oyster mushrooms and smoky chipotles come together to make a memorable, delicious, and very simple Mexican soup that& both vegan and gluten-free.

A traditional British pub meal, but served in many homes, too! If you love beef stew, this is going to be a favorite!

Steak Pie with Peas,Mashed Potatoes and Gravy: I've discovered that many Americans are not familiar with a traditional British steak pie. Once, my parents invited some friends for dinner, and my mother told them she'd like them to try her steak.

The Art of Food Plating - (7th Pic Down) ... Awesome!!

I am a so so cook but there is nothing more appealing to me than a well composed plate of food. This post is dedicated to the many ways well known cooks present a dish. I'd leave the cooking techni.

Bracciole! Best use of flank steak. Perfect with Ghost Pines Merlot. Venue: Romantic winter dinner.

My grandpa requested that my Mom and I make bracciole for him like my Grandma used to. I don't know if ours was as good as hers, but everyo.

Salat mit Wassermelone, Orangen, Radieschen und Ziegenkäse

Watermelon Radish, Goat Cheese and Cara Cara Orange Salad- This salad is a piece of art! Beautiful colors that transform into refreshingly sweet bursts of flavor.


Huevos a la flamenca--flamenco eggs . The world’s favorite egg dish these days seems to be chakchouka , a North African way of cooking e.