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WWE Paige ass | Charlie Mangle's Even Newer Official Wrestling Discussion Thread (Keep ...

Paige (Britani Knight/Saraya-Jade Bevis)

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Paige holds the accolade of being the youngest woman to ever hold the Divas Championship, but if you think she took a shortcut to the big stage, you are sorely mistaken. The British competitor has prepared her entire life for this chance, first lacing up her wrestling boots at the tender age of thirteen. Making …

Another teen titans lol moment

BBRae!!! Beast boy x Raven <3

Beast Boy x Raven (Teen Titans)

#Astronomy: An international team of astronomers, led by David Sobral from Leinden University of the Netherlands used three telescopes located across the globe to study the trends in star formation, from the earliest stars that made up the first galaxies in the universe, up until now. Their findings suggests something quite shocking .. almost 95% of stars that will ever live have already been born!

A Beer Milk Shake for Oktoberfest: Red Robin Gives it a Go. - Short Order