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The universe is amazing.

Our God is an awesome God . He reigns from heaven above . with wisdom power and love . our God is an awesome God!

What just happened? XD

What even. I love the internet. But who would choose going on their phone over reading a glorious, glorious book. And the girl in the picture is reading ddiary of a part time indian (great book)

Rhino :: 20DS This is the Rhino. It's different from most all other revolvers in that the barrel is located at the bottom of the cylinder which helps to mitigate recoil.

The barrel of the Rhino, by Chiappa Firearms, is aligned with the bottom most chamber which lowers the centerline of gravity and reduces recoil. Additionally it has a flat cylinder which allows for easier concealment.

Smith & Wesson 500 revolver with Aimpoint 9000

Smith & Wesson 500 revolver with Aimpoint 9000 I've shot this gun the kickback is so freakin strong