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https://flic.kr/p/8UWNKx | 2010-01-03 clinker bricks on hawthorne | There is a wonderful building on SE Hawthorne in Portland, OR and the front facade is built using clinker bricks which gives a fascinating texture and look to the structure. Here's a definition of the term: "Originally discarded because they were discolored or distorted, around 1920 clinker bricks were re-discovered by Craftsmen architects to be usable, distinctive, and charming in detailing. The name "clinker brick" come...

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Kingdom of Light: A Modern Beach House in Scotland

Yangzhou Zhongshuge / X+Living

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shigeru ban: onagawa temporary container housing + community center

I could see myself doing something like this for a career; using something we have a surplus of to create something we'll always need more of. Depending on the scale and the approach, this practice could fall anywhere on the spectrum we discussed in class.