Fingerboard Chart for violin Play around on this site, they have an interactive fingerboard that shows you finger placement. Very helpful!

Violin interiors...odd thought but if I am ever shrunk down for any reason this is where you will find in a violin!

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Photographs taken from the inside of musical instruments, making them look like large and spacious rooms - the inside of a Cello. I want a room like that in my future house *^*

printable Christmas sheet music for crafting

Make your holiday decorating and gift giving easy with these free printable vintage Christmas sheet music pages! Just print and frame for easy decor and gifts.

The parts of a violin. Violin diagram. Violin measurements.

Strum Away With These Simple Guitar Tips. Have you had the experience of picking a guitar up and wanting to play it?

David Gusset  Violin’s design on the basis of the Golden Ratio.

'In the Style & Geometry of the Amati School' by instrument designer & violin maker David Gusset. A violin design based on the Golden Ratio. via Gusset Violins

HELP...I Don't Know My Grade 4 Scales! One of my adult students told me that her daughter was getting ready for her Grade 4 violin exam, but was having trouble learning her scales. She asked if her daughter could come to me for extra violin lessons. Straight away, I realised that this could spell trouble as having two tutors teaching in different styles can... To continue reading this article visit:

I Don't Know My Grade 4 Scales! One of my adult students told me that her…

Stradivarius violin template

Antonio Stradivari and are both written on this century Italian violin pattern.