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a pair of black shoes sitting inside of a wooden shoe box on top of a tiled floor
there is a coat rack with shoes and umbrellas hanging on the wall next to it
a living room filled with furniture next to a wall covered in wooden slats and lights
a coat rack and bench in a room with wooden slats on the wall behind it
an empty room with some cabinets and drawers on the wall, in front of a wooden floor
Прихожая. Шкаф. Шкаф распашной. Современный шкаф. Шкаф алька мебель
an empty room with some shoes on the floor
Minimalistický návrh zádveria
a walk in closet with black walls and white flooring, built into the wall
Project Contrasts | Moscow, Russia
Project Contrasts | Moscow, Russia on Behance
an empty living room with white tile flooring and wooden partitions on the wall
Evires : Moderniser Une Maison De Village - Noesis 19A