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Green LED Faucet Valve night light It’s a. - Green LED Faucet Valve night light “ It’s a standard ¾" brass sillcock, converted into a night light. Turning the valve actually turns on the ¼ watt LED bulb in the hanging drop of “water”.

Bohemian Style, Table Lamp, Tiffany, Gypsy

Three Lilies Silk Art Nouveau Lamp by littlewingfaerieart on Etsy: So graceful and lovely.

Silk Flowers, Flower Lamp, Painted Lamp Shades, Lampshades, Art Nouveau, Irises, Fairy Lamp, Lily, Art Deco Lamps

Enchanted Lily Lamp by littlewingfaerieart on Etsy (Mightyneedsofmine) Every women needs her "tiny lamp"

Painted Lamp Shades, Flower Lamp, Silk Painting, Silk Flowers, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Display Ideas, Bats, Lilies

This is a stunningly beautiful stained glass lamp made with individual hand-cut pieces of glass soldered together to make this gorgeous lamp. It is hand crafted using the same rich techniques a

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