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Personal Mastery

Are you thinking of improving your skills in different areas of your life? I am too! Hopefully I can share with you some of the sources I've found useful on the path to personal mastery.
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The book is naturally divided in two sections - one presenting a very neat pipeline for presentation preparation, the other on how to function in public speech situations (with wedding speeches, dinners, etc.). An advantage (which might be a drawback to independent and restless minds) in the 'pipeline approach' is that it's straightforward and easy to apply though it may be that it limits the reader's potential to see other paths for presentation delivery. Our rate: 3,5 out of 5

Recommended?Not sure. All in all there is nothing new I have discovered in this book that I didn't know after reading Allena and Covey. Still at the time of its publication the book must have been a good resource. It still is brilliant to start with if you're a time-management beginner. Well written with simple and effective methods. Read on then!!!


Do you want to know your strengths and build on them - as an individual, trainer, coach, professional, etc.? This book, together with its test code attached will help you do that. Truly recommend it. It is part of a relatively young approach in psychology - Positive Psychology.