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an unusual building with many windows and balconies on the side of it at night
Casa Batlló
Casa Batlló, Barcelona Spain... ADORE all of Gaudi's work! even more phenomenal in person. Oh Barcelona, how I adore thee.
an alley way with white buildings and potted plants
andalusia, spain
two people are standing in the water under an arch at the beach with rocks on either side
Top 10 Most Fascinating Photos For Travel Lovers
My next visit to Spain will include the Galicia portion--Playa de las Catedrales, Galicia, Spain
an aerial view of the ocean and rocky coastline with steps leading up to a lighthouse
Blanes, Catalunya, Spain (THE BEST TRAVEL PHOTOS)
Blanes, Catalunya, Spain
an old bridge over a small waterfall in the middle of a mountain area with green grass and yellow flowers
Ronda, Spain - stunning little town only 2 hours drive from #Conil and definitely worth the day trip while you are enjoying the sun at #ApartmentDorada
there are many colorful umbrellas hanging in the air above an alleyway with buildings
Umbrella Street in Agueda, Spain=wanna go here:) and its a fun idea for decorations
an indoor hot tub with rocks and pebbles on the floor in front of a glass wall
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House Made of Spanish Marble Slabs in Ivory Tones
an elegant bathroom with marble counter tops and large mirrors on the wall, along with two sinks
Inside a Beautiful Gender-Neutral Nursery That's Subtle and Sophisticated
Mirrors, large wall mirrors, Venetian mirrors, décor ideas, home furniture, contemporary furniture, wall decor , floor mirror ..
a white and black butterfly sitting on top of a plant
Spanish Marbled White (Melanargia ines), via Flickr
an artistic display in a building with geometric designs on the wall and flooring behind it
patricia urquiola with budri: nat(f)use for marmomacc
working with a range of pre-cut coloured marble stone, urquiola has also created a range of wall coverings and modular panels
a plant in a pot sitting next to a stair case with pictures on the wall
Brittany Ambridge
Combine decorative tiles in the staircase with marble finishes on the floor. An unlikely partnership!
the interior of a modern building with marble walls and stairs leading up to an entrance
Panteón Nube by Clavel Arquitectos | Dezeen
Panteon Nube in Murcia, Spain by Clavel Arquitectos
a white bathroom with a tub, toilet and flowers in the vase on the counter
House Envy: Tour this Remodelled Spanish Home from 1928 | lark & linen
House Envy: Tour this Remodelled Spanish Home from 1928 - lark & linenlark & linen
the bathroom is decorated in white and blue
Planète Déco - Page 2 sur 1278
Bijoux Andalusian bathroom in Malaga, archway, tiled floor, marble countertop, a lot going on in a small space - but it works
a bathroom with concrete steps leading up to the bathtub and shower area, along with other accessories
LOVE this house
A bathroom in Spain.