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the sun shines through an arch in a building with columns and arches on either side
Bread & Olives - nuta-zielona: Rome 2008
Stunning photography - wish I knew exactly where this was taken. Rome - Italy Lazio
a marble table topped with silverware and flowers next to a wine glass on top of a plate
Danish Rum interior styling
an abstract painting with grey and white colors on the wall, it looks like something out of space
Marble Tile
Italian Marble - Bardiglo Nuvolato 24" x 12"
a large glass window in the middle of a room
Statuario Venato marble, light weight panels that have been backlit to create a amazing feature in a commercial setting.
the stairs are made of wood and have been designed to look like an abstract piece of art
Stunning Wooden Staircase
Stunning Wooden Staircase In Mumbai, India, teams from Arquitectura in Movimento Workshop conducted a wooden staircase of incredible beauty, occupying space with elegance and style, blending perfectly with marble floors and atmosphere of the place. To discover in the future.
a bathroom with marble walls and flooring next to a walk - in shower stall
There’s no place like Laplace
"There's no place like Laplace" -and apparently this sublime bathroom is the exact reason this is said! While minimal in its design, the veins in the marble give it a rich and exotic feel. I could only be so lucky!!
a white bath tub sitting under a window next to a vase with flowers on it
Double bookmatched marble!
the leaning tower is illuminated at night with lights on it's sides and windows
101 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die! (Part IV)
Leaning tower in Pisa, Italy
the floor is decorated with flowers and other decorative items in white, gold, and green colors
Interior Design Blog | Modern Furniture | Home Decor – Page 4 – Interior Design | Modern Furniture Blog
Budri marble inlaid floor. #bold
a modern sink in the middle of a room with marble flooring and walls behind it
ciuri - Lithea
"The Ciuri sink by Italian company Lithea features a fluid form executed in marble, which appears as an uninterrupted curve from bowl to base."
a large bathroom with double sinks and marble counter tops, along with an arched doorway leading to the outside
Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine | The Destination Where Design Connects
Italian Calacatta marble fashions the countertops of the master bath’s custom vanities. Timeworn limestone covers the floor that leads to a ...
a bathroom sink with marble counter top and wooden cabinet
The World’s Most Beautiful Bathroom Sinks
hello most gorgeous bathroom vanity ever.
an abstract mosaic design made up of different colors and shapes
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2000 year old Italian mosaic floor