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Charmed meets Supernatural

SuperCharmed<<This bugs me so much. Sam should be the long haired one, and Adam is the youngest half-sibling they didn't know about until several seasons in.


I love this guy so much, I am so upset that Cas killed him and that means that he probably can't be in the show anymore. He deserves more love because he's freaking awesome.<<< That is so true

And the authors last name is Collins, not Winchester, by the way. <<< MISHA COLLINS AHHHHH <<< HAHAHAHAHA and on a side note- I read this book last year in school

a book by Dean Winchester and the author's last name apparently is Collins . ROTFL ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞ funny <<< That's actually a really good book! Sam is the older brother in it tho :(


Loved this scene so much XD // Crowley and the Goats would be a good band name Visit our online store here