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Make your own Warrior Cat Monopoly! Make sure you add Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing in the same color category!

keep calm and read warrior cats - Google Search

Absolutely loved it when I was younger - I just wish I could've found the whole series - pretty hard in a small town. Warrior cat series by Erin Hunter. Leafpool is pictured. Can't wait for the First Battle!


and then I agree with them that reading a book about heart-wrenching betrayal, love that can never be, and cats brutally killing each other is definitely girly and childish, just because the cats live in a fantasy world and can TALK!

THANK YOU WHOEVER MADE THIS!!!! I have always wondered what Rusty's twoleg was s like after he left.

Hattie from "Warriors" She became the a pet in the family where Firestar (Rusty) lived. Sometimes I think about what their owners felt when he was. He Is Missing For A Year

Take Care of Him, Fireheart Princess and Cloudkit SkittyStrawberries

Take Care of Him, Fireheart REDRAW by SkittyStrawberries on DeviantArt Princess giving Cloudtail/kit to Fireheart to take to Thunderclan

Cloudkit's Patrol by on @DeviantArt

"Only a kittypet could be so foolish." I've finished re-reading the first warriors arc for the millionth time, and find myself always doodling scenes from the books when I'm not working on trades.