Genius! Use an extra-large Binder Clip - Holds it tight, fingers out of harms way! Cut the Cork #WineCorks #Techniques

Wine-Stained-Cork Cross Necklace

DIY Wine Corks - Tip on how to cut! This makes me wanna try again with wine cork crafts.last one I tried, I cut my finger wide open bc the cork rolled on me! - My DIY Tips

A minimalistic black and white gallery wall behind the television spruces up that once-empty white space.

Get The Look: A Fun, Girly Living Space Design

wine cork trivet

How to make a wine cork trivet Supplies 31 wine corks (all the same height) yards of ribbon Tools hot glue gun & glue scissors fine sand paper sharp serrated kitchen knife cutting board

Hawthorne and Main: 14 Ideas + Solutions for a Gallery Wall Behind the TV

14 Ideas and Solutions for a Gallery Wall Behind the TV

Art gallery wall around the TV- tips for choosing art, planning, and putting up…