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a poster with some words on it
English is Fun – Descriptive words
a piece of paper with writing on it
a blue poster with the words auf on it
Good website
some words that are in different languages on the same page, and one has an image of
Learn German with Rocket German | Free trial
Describe yourself - or someone else - auf Deutsch!
two different types of words that are used to describe what they mean in each language
Mastering Japanese Kanji – 7 Guerilla Tactics
the back cover of learn german with expressions, including an image of a man pointing at a
Learn German - Expressions by TaNa-Jo on DeviantArt
Learn German - Expressions by TaNa-Jo.deviantart.com on @deviantART
the four types of prepositions are shown in three different colors and font options
Verbs + Prepositions
three different types of irregular and irregular verbs in the same language, each with their own
English Grammar and Correct Usage Sample Tests
english grammar and correct usage
the german words are written in black and white on a sheet of paper with an image of
Learn a New Language | Language Classes and Language Training | Berlitz USA
I am learning German...I've just always wanted to. Languages are fun!
the top 25 german adverbs in english and spanish are shown here, with an orange background
Deutsch … Mehr
a table with several different types of text and numbers on the top one is an image of
Quick Tip 70: Все времена английского глагола в одной таблице | Vocabulary Booster
All English Verb Tenses
a poster with different types of phrasal verbs
Phrasal Verbs with: Kick