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Clean Color Stripe Crochet Tutorial
An alternative method to crocheting a clean color stripe. Instead of crocheting one row with one color and the next with another, try working first half of the stitch in the old color and the second half with the new. This will create a cleaner line between two color. The trick is to make sure and not make these round of stitches too tight. Use a larger hook if needed. #Yarnspirations #HowToVideo #CrochetTutorial Yarn: Caron Simply Soft (Soft Pink and Lavender Blue
the knitting project is in black and white with an image of a ball of yarn
Projektnotizen für unfertige Projekte- free Printable für Projektlabel
Projektnotizen für unfertige Projekte- free Printable für Projektlabel
the free crochet planner is on display
Crochet Planner - Free Download
What an amazing Crochet Planner. Can you believe it is a free download? Now I can finally track my projects, hooks and patterns. There’s even a gift giving guide to help me plan ahead for birthdays and Christmas.
two tickets are sitting next to each other on a wooden table with toothbrushes
Project Planning-Yarn Color Selection | Marly Bird
the free printable knitting and crochet planner pages
Free Printable Knitting Planner and Crochet Planner Pages
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