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Bittersweet Zipped Hoodies

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Did you know that recently scientists have found fragments of computer code in the string theory equation? Basically what that means, is that there's a theory in which our universe is just a simulation run by a supercomputer. If this turns out to be true, you better be wearing this jumper.


Do you ever find yourself staring at the wall, just daydreaming? We made this jumper to help you avoid awkward explanations - just point to the print, and everyone will understand. Also, downtown panorama.


Originally, this quote by Joseph Conrad said "We live as we dream - alone.". We found it a tiny bit too depressing, so we came up with a better version. Dream big and live big wearing this jumper.

New Pink Dot Zipped Hoodie

The blue eyes of an arctic wolf are said to paralyse its prey. Does your body feel tense? We could barely move when we were designing this jumper, it's so realistic. Be the alpha in your pack. Get it today.

The jungle sweatshirt is represented by the tiger and the toucan. You too can (oh so punny!) experience the wilderness - the Chinese inspired drawing style will surely make that possible.

Unfortunately, with the expansion of 4G technology, this print is a little bit outdated. You will definitely find a better connection in the woods though, try it for yourself!

If you need a reminder on how to live your life, this is the standard outfit for you. Boost your confidence with the classic motto, and let the alpine background do its magic. Be awesome.