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an aerial view of a living room and kitchen area in a small apartment or home
the floor plan of a two bedroom apartment
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crybaby - bésame hair (newsea) - toddler - The Sims 4
a white mannequin wearing a green jacket with words above it that read vintage summer, steve jacket 17 swatches jack for todd
˗ˏˋSteven jacket ˎˊ˗ Public realase: December 25 | Vintage-simmer
a small doll wearing a sweater with the words name sweater on it's chest
˗ˏˋName Sweater ˎˊ˗ Public realase: January 28 | Vintage-simmer
jeans for toddlers are shown in three different colors and sizes, with the words vintage denim
˗ˏˋLevis Jeans Toddler ˎˊ˗ Public realase: July 1 | Vintage-simmer
˗ˏˋLevis Jeans Toddler ˎˊ˗ Public realase: July 1 | Patreon
five pairs of jeans lined up in a row
👖 Low Waist Loose Baggy Denim Pants 👖 | BackTrack
the dress is white and has long sleeves
two women wearing leggings and crop tops in various colors, one with high rise heels
Camuflaje - Marie Set (Leggings)