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Quote of the Day From Ben Stein: "Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires ever citizen to prove they are insured. The Words, Thats The Way, That Way, Ben Stein, Great Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Motivational, Sensible Quotes, Awesome Quotes
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Dan Bongino on Twitter

“Take a minute to seriously think about this. #Obamacare”

Sharia Law is the most evil thing created by man and the war against women Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton always lie. No Democrats. Obama Lies, Barack Obama, Trump Lies, Meryl Streep, Moslem, Thing 1, Our Country, Way Of Life, We The People

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“@Talkmaster Of course she has a good teacher:”

Tell this to tRump! He's destroying so many lives & some are just too blind to realize it! 7 Ronald Reagan Quotes To Remember That Will Inspire You - American Overlook Mobile Great Quotes, Quotes To Live By, Me Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Motivational, The Words, Ronald Reagan Quotes, Political Quotes, Government Quotes

7 Ronald Reagan Quotes To Remember That Will Inspire You - American Overlook Mobile

The Great Ronald Reagan: "People keep looking to government for the answer and government is the problem". You could insert "Obama" or "Democrats" or "Liberals" or "freeloaders" in place of "people" and still be correct. Ronald Reagan Quotes, President Ronald Reagan, 40th President, President Quotes, Great Quotes, Me Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Clever Quotes, Sarcastic Quotes
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Love him PRESIDENT Ronald Reagan

Barack Hussein Obama, his Own words. Seal Team 6, Moslem, Liberal Logic, Liberal Hypocrisy, Our President, Thing 1, Way Of Life, Barack Obama, Obama Lies
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Prince of lies.

Something to think about with SOOOO many people getting government assistance. Great Quotes, Me Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Famous Quotes, Wisdom Quotes, Motivational Quotes, Truth Hurts, It Hurts, Pseudo Science
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In honor of all those doing what they can with what they've got, to those who share generously with their blessings, and those with much who worked hard and took bold chances to get there. Generously give to those who truly cannot. Persistently push and demand more from those who choose not to make the effort..

10 Ayn Rand Quotes That Make Socialist Democrats Look Like Idiots Templer, Liberal Logic, Liberal Left, Liberal Agenda, Liberal Hypocrisy, Politicians, Out Of Touch, Thing 1, School
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Exactly what the Conservatives and Republicans predicted would come from Obamacare.I had hoped it wouldn't be true. Truth Hurts, It Hurts, Hard Truth, Calling All Angels, Thing 1, It Goes On, Way Of Life, Real Life, We The People
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Exactly what the Conservatives and Republicans predicted would come from Obamacare...

I will vote for a black conservative over a white liberal any day. Racism is and isn't the problem at the same time.

CLear Perspective

In response to an interesting and active debate I was engaged in yesterday with a friend (still, I hope!) of this page, Joanne, regarding the post that...

There was wisdom in our founding fathers strong belief in small centralized government, emphasis upon state's rights and the voice of we the people.

'Jefferson: Democracy will cease to exist Tile Coa

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Liberals, throwing temper tantrums since they were born. The Words, Meryl Streep, We Are The World, In This World, Truth Hurts, It Hurts, Hard Truth, Liberal Logic, Liberal Hypocrisy
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Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!

Civil Rights Racism: Democrats Controlled Everything But Would Not Pass Civil Rights! The History The Timeline of Democrat Racism Liberal Agenda, Liberal Logic, Stupid Liberals, Slavery History, Thing 1, Out Of Touch, Conservative Politics, Deus Vult, Thoughts

Civil Rights Racism: Democrats Controlled Everything But Would Not Pass Civil Rights! The History The Timeline of Democrat Racism

Quick history lesson. Republican: one who supports a republic govn't. Democrat: one who supports a democracy. Up until after the 60's, Conservatives were Democrats because democracy was a traditional view, and Liberals were Republican because a republic was a progressive view. So the 13th-15th amendments? All supported by Liberals and rejected by Conservatives. Conservatives have always been the problem and you just admitted to it.

Please think a lot about this before making the choice of abortion. Life Is Precious, Choose Life, Pro Choice, In This World, Life Quotes, Faith, Thoughts, Learning, Easter
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.i am prolife AND prochoice. I want my civil rights! I also want this nation to care for its people in such a way that no one would consider abortion as an alternative.

This is actually a video by a very articulate man who has more sense than most politicians (Republicans or Democrats). How Democrats & White Liberals Are Destroying The Black American People! Liberal Hypocrisy, Democrats And Republicans, Liberal Logic, Stupid Liberals, Politicians, Political Views, Political Corruption, It Goes On, Truth Hurts
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 Where did in the constitution is that clause exactly? Politics Today, Liberal Logic, Conservative Politics, We The People, Wake Up, At Least, Wisdom, Thoughts, Sayings
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Not that I'm completely right but I'm def not left! Funny Quotes, Funny Memes, Jokes, Quotable Quotes, Hot Quotes, Random Quotes, True Quotes, Just For Laughs, Just For You
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How to hook a Democrat

Ain't this the freakin' truth!